Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emigration Fabric Sale

My Gran is undergoing a massive transition this year - she is emigrating to Australia from England at the ripe old age of 87!! As preparation for that move she is having a "Margery's Mountain of Material" sale to get rid of some of her fabric stash. The sale kicked off today with a few of my grans friends coming over to take a look, so we spent the two preceeding days preparing our "store" in her shed.

I've shared before some parts of my Gran's massive stash, but for the sale most of the rest of it is up for grabs. None of the liberty mind, that's all coming to Australia, along with some other selected collections and fabrics. The rest of it all came out of it's various hiding places and was collected in the shed ready to organise  (pictured above and below).

Then came the process of organising it all. We organised, folded, and labelled all the pieces with an approximate size and laid it all out for people to browse through.

About 20 mushroom boxes full of fabric, organised vaguely by colour.

And with bigger pieces separated out from smaller ones.

As well as fabric there were books (not pictured), patterns, notions...

...and stacks of magazines

We did alright selling some of it today, about two boxes worth of fabric walking out the door with to about 8 customers. There are some more people coming next week to take another look, so hopefully she'll slowly get rid of enough of it and get a decent kitty for the emigration fund!


I had some fun putting together "fabric bundles" from what was available (see above). Lots of fun!

If you happen to be in Cornwall and might be interested in some fabric please shoot me an email or comment on this post and I put you in touch with my Aunt who is coordinating all the packing adventures.


  1. Oh man! I wish, wish, wish I was in Cornwall! Your gran's stash is amazing and I can't believe that that's just the stuff she's decided to let go. Wow!!!

  2. Surely it doesn't cost that much to ship it over by seamail? I couldn't part with some of these treasures.


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